Nithyara me

Meet Starshimmer...

... one of my most-loved rpg characters. This picture is made by my friend Eva (some of them may know her as "Javid" or "Nireo" or just as "one of the most cruel game masters I ever met").

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:) I don't say I can't draw, butr I want to draw like THAT! *envies*
But he's such a sweet character. Involved in a slashy affair...*ggggg* Sometimes I envy his lover. Want him, too!
Nowhere to run - Now I'm at Livejournal too ! *evilgrin*
One of the most cruel game masters you ever met ? *blinks* I haven't really started yet......*diabolic grin*

But I'm glad you like your sweet little Starshimmer Pic...:)
Re: Nowhere to run - Now I'm at Livejournal too ! *evilgrin*
Eeeep - omg, beware, here she is!
*looks around, panicking*
No escape, *sigh*

So welcome!
Na? Do you still remember in the back of your head that harry potter mail by mail rpg lead by trish? However, I'm Grace of this rpg (the one that also is in elfwood), and in some strange way I found your journal^^ Hope you don't mind if I added you^^
Hi there Aryana, this is Kerstin from Elfwood... remember me ^^? Just started my LJ today and, if you don't mind, I'm going to add you - you would be the first friend in my list, so I can do a *first friend list entry dance* *smiles*