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20.075 / 50.000

I'm in again.
I will make it.
Never give up. Never surrender!

Tomorrow I'll have a day-off, so I will finally upload the pics for all those who requested something in the photo meme.
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Tomorrow I'll have a day-off, so I will finally upload the pics for all those who requested something in the photo meme

And maybe you'll send me some stuff to read, too ? *makes curious puppy dog eyes* =)
Yeah, remember? NaNoWriMo stuff and Shadow scene - *wannahavesobaaaadly* *g*

You know, I'm a bookworm.... ;)
And don't forget the Nithyara vocabulary list, too =)

I'm SO looking forward to tomorrow! *bounces*
I haven't THAT Shadow scene on the pc anymore, maybe you really ask Bine about that. The other things will come today - in exchange for last week's chat log! :)
Never give up. Never surrender!

Just remember, first you pillage, then you burn. And don't kill the navigator.

Hello, sorry to intrude into your journal.

I´m writing my thesis about social networking sites and advertising.
One of my objectives is to describe what kind of people use sites like LiveJournal.

I randomly chose you because you commented on this News post:

So, I was wondering if you could take this questionnaire:

and tell me what was your result.

It´s a test called VALS, which stands for Values, Attitudes and Life Styles, that´s used to do psychographic segmentation.

If you decide to help me, I´ll be really grateful.
If I´ve bothered you, I´m really sorry, I won´t do it again.
And I scored like this:

Your primary VALS type is Thinker, and your secondary type is Innovator.

The primary VALS type represents your dominant approach to life. The secondary classification represents a particular emphasis you give to your dominant approach.

The only question difficult for me to answer was that school thing, because the German system is so much different from the US.
I went to a "Gymnasium", made my "Abitur" studied biology at the University and am a natural scientist with a diploma. Maybe this helps a bit.

Thanks a lot for your help, you are very kind! :D

If you answered with an equivalent of the US system, I think it´s fine. :)
hello :)
i've noticed you are friend of LadySanjou and also collecting dwagins on the DC. so i went to see your info on here and decided i like what i read :D
that resulted in me befriending you.
Friend me back?