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Aryana's Diary

The Filker and the Cats

17 May 1971
This blog is mostly friends-only!

I'll use this journal for staying in touch with friends, my daily rants and to share the songs I write.

I am a 43 year-old fulltime filker, freelance writer and part time mad scientist working for the Emden University of applied sciences. I like fantasy roleplaying with friends, which mostly inspires the filk songs I write. I also write original fiction and fanfictions (all in German and available on my websites) - I write more originals than fanfics these days, but I discovered the inspiring books of Steph Swainston and that may lead to new fan fics someday.
When I'm not working, annoying my husband with filking around in my room or write on my fictions, I try to improve my drawing skills.
I have an aquarium with African cichlids from Lake Tanganyika and another with cichlids from Lake Malawi. I share my room with a collection of usual and strange musical instruments and a collection of sea shells from all over the world. I love books and can never have too many of them. Mercedes Lackey, Steph Swainston, Cornelia Funke, Lynn Flewelling, Michael Ende, Astrid Lindgren and Tolkien are my favourite writers.

And besides this, I am weird. And I have cats.